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90 minute distance energy healing with Tina. This can be done by FaceTime, phone call, text, or I will let you know when I start and when I finish, while you continue on your day. If you want I will tell you what happened in the session. With the 90 min distance intuitive energy healing sessions, I connect to your spirit team, and spend a little time getting to know you, and what your looking for. These are some of the things we can do. A Reiki clearing, clearing some of your heavy energies, or trapped emotions. We can see what your spirit team says about whats next for you, or give you perspective on a question(s) you have. We can also begin to heal from trauma(s), as well as work on physical and or emotional pain. Since this is longer then a mini session, and a 60 minute session, we have more time to get get further in what you are looking for.

Distance 90 min Intuitive Energy Healing -TINA

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