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"Where do I begin with this Angel? Tina is an incredibly gifted healer with the ability to connect to your soul and guide you to release what no longer serves you, all while maintaining extreme care, kindness and love. Tina has helped me to let go of trauma and attachments in my adulthood that I have been trying a lifetime to release. Her light-hearted energy has been such a blessing in my life and helped align me with my divine path and manifest what I truly deserve (this was big for me!)

The thing I love most about Tina is her ability to teach me energetically and emotionally to let go. She has healed me from physical pain on multiple occasions, one time she even healed a cut on my hand from a distance! (miraculous!) and emotionally she has helped me to renew. My faith and trust in her is immense. I love how she incorporates so many different types of healing. She truly, truly cares. "

"Dear Emily,  Thank you for the Energy Healing, I rate your service 10 out of 10, and will gladly recommend you to anyone who is open to receiving this type of healing to connect with you. When I came in I was not sure what to expect, but as soon as I walked into your healing space I would feel it would be cleansing. Unlike other healing modalities such as reiki, massage, ect. Your mode of healing goes into the subtle levels of being. You were able to tap into my healing guides and provide clear information that was accurate and 100% verifiable. I was able to sense powerful energetic cleansing through my heart center. I could sense blocks within my core being washed down through my feet. Not only could you sense current psychic and emotional blocks, but all blocks throughout my life. It was truly a deep and profound experience. Your intuitive ability is clear and 100% accurate. You have a true gift that has to be experienced by all, I highly recommend anyone open to this type of healing to find you. Much love to you and thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and insight."

"Meeting with Emily is like meeting with a wise old friend. She made me feel so at peace and comforted with her gentle, loving and empathetic demeanor. I appreciate her tremendously for helping me step into my power and work through my severe PTSD. She has quickly become a mentor and confidant."

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