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Meet Tina

Tina practices Spiritually channeled energy healing, intuitive reading, physical and energetic emotional release, Life Guidance and many other healing modalities that are brought to her attention for each individual session from the client’s spirit guides, higher self or anyone else helping them in this life! Tina specializes in helping others to release what no longer serves them, with zero judgement as this is her gift as a lightworker. As she attunes others to her light, kind and playful energy, she is able to create shifts in her client’s perspective, energetic body and soul. Tina practices both in person, and distance healing via phone, text, Facetime and other virtual platforms.

Tina incorporates a variety of healing modalities in each session (Energy Healing, Trauma Release, Usui Reiki, Healing Touch, Womb Healing, Guided Mediation, and Sound Healing among them), each of which have led her to discover, infinite healing and manifestation is possible. When we release blocks in our energetic being we are able to fully heal and manifest what we truly deserve and desire, and it is Tina's passion and life mission to help others heal from and let go of the traumas that trouble them, and fall in love with life!  

Meet emily

Emily practices Intuitive Energy Healing, High Vibration Channeling and Attunement, Usui Reiki, Regression Sessions, Life Coaching and Trauma release. She offers both in person and distance sessions via text, phone, Facetime and other virtual platforms.

Emily incorporates a variety of healing modalities in each session (Energy Healing, Reiki, Celestial Channeling, Channeled Shamanic practices, Guided Soul Journeys, Past Life Records, Sound Healing and more.) Emily became aware of her energetic body at a young age and through her own healing journey developed her spirituality and strengthened her healing tools. Experiencing extreme dualities throughout her life has allowed her to tap into subtle energetic shifts necessary to manifest and let go of heavy energy, cycles, patterns and attachments to clear and align the soul to its path toward awakening. It is her passion as a lightworker to help others navigate this human life and connect them to their power and the light magic of the Multiverse!

“ I have learned the simple secret of the shaman, the sorcerer, the seer - and I have come to see that it is in fact, no secret at all. It is that all things are alive and all life is related.” D. Boyd

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