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Introducing text sessions with Tina. No appointment necessary, just text                    715-760-2226 anytime Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm, Tina will be available to tap in and answer your questions, clear you out, talk when you have lots of information going through your mind and your not sure what to do with it, or help you with what ever you need help with via text. For example clarity on relationships, family, jobs, etc. If you have something physical, like pain, we can tap into it and find the source. If allowed by you and your higher team (God, your higher self, spirit guides, and energies with the greatest and highest good for you), we can reduce it, and get rid of it, again if allowed by you and your higher team.

How it works

-text Tina 715-760-2226 anytime between the hours of 9am-7pm monday-Friday. I will respond and work with you between those hours.

- I will send you an invoice after 7pm via text

-price will be determined on how long the sessions end up being, I will keep you updated on which session you are on based on the duration of the time.

- 1-30 mins= mini session $45

- 31-60 mins= 60 min. session $75

- 61-90 mins= 90 min. session $100


- if we spend from 9am-7pm texting most of that time, it will count as 3 90 min sessions and you will get that last hour free.

- if you text outside of the hours of 9am-7am I will not respond, until 9am and it will automatically be a mini session.

- if it's an emergency outside the hours of 9am-7pm type in all caps EMERGENCY, and if I am able I will respond, but you will automatically be charded for a 90 min session.

Text Tina Monday-Friday 9am-7pm

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